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Q: My staff members are already good presenters and marketers, why would we need your services?

A: Good presenters and marketers are generally naturals and operate on instinct. My approach teaches them to identify the specific skills that produce the intangibles crucial for success. That way they can consciously choose the skills to produce the results they need for a specific client.

Q: Our firm knows it is good at presentations. The team is totally confident. What could you add?

A: Even Tiger Woods has a coach. Everyone can improve. My method helps even the best speakers prepare for those days when they are distracted, under the weather or less confident than usual.

Q: My people need a lot of help, but they don’t think so. They think they are great. How can you overcome their resistance?

A: Results overcome resistance. The participants begin the session with a baseline presentation or sales meeting. We videotape each person and have each person view the tape in private immediately after the baseline. When they return, they are ready to be coached. I have trained thousands of speakers and marketers and no one has ever walked back in the room and said they were perfect and can’t improve.

Q: I don’t want my team to appear slick.

A: The Murphy Method stresses individual personality and talent. A timid person will not, and should not, present or market the same way a “ham” does. The secret is in finding out what works best for each individual and teaching each person how to produce that behavior on demand. An effective team spans the personality range. Otherwise, it looks like the six o’clock news team, which is forgettable in most cases.

Q: How can we find time?

A: We all have the same amount of time. Once you commit to the value of training and coaching you will find some time. I am quite flexible in structuring programs to fit your schedule. Most of my clients will tell you they are sorry they didn’t schedule more time in the first place. I do not charge a premium for weekend work.

Q: How can you train people to build client relationships when they don’t have sales personalities?

A: Think about it. How do you like “sales personalities?” Probably not much and neither do most people.

We teach people specific skills that allow them to concentrate on the client’s needs and wishes. We train folks to uncover motivation and any hidden agenda and get information that fast talking sales types miss. Then we teach them how to take this information and tie it directly to your firm’s strengths.

We use a common sense, people oriented, step-by-step system, which results in a proposal, a next step, or a presentation that is totally tailored to the client.

There is no manipulation, just a foolproof system that even the shyest of your staff can use to build and maintain business relationships.

Q: How many classes do we need? Our office has so many disciplines and so many levels, that training will take forever.

A: Mixing disciplines, talents, levels of expertise and experience benefits all. My most successful clients mix reception staff, partners, right brain folks and left-brain people together. They learn from one another and give each other feedback from an outside perspective. They learn first hand what the rest of the office does for a living.

Q: How many people in a program?

A: Depends on your time, budget and desired results. I don’t use a cookie cutter approach. Each program is tailored for a specific client.

Q: You guarantee results. Who determines results?

A: You do. The participants do.   Testimonials…

Q: Why should we bring you in? There are zillions of consultants in your field. Many of them less expensive and close by.

A: Your people will work harder, have more fun and get better results with my method.   Testimonials…

Q: Can you prove that?

A: No, but my clients can. Ask for a list. I don’t have a reference list; I have a client list. If you’d like me to steer you toward someone in your field or someone I think you might like talking to, I will. However, you can call any of my clients for a reference.

Q: How far out do we have to book?

A: Most of my clients book about six weeks out.

Q: How much?

A: Depends. We can work out a package to get you the most return on your investment.

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