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  Susan Murphy

Susan Murphy is a woman with a mission: to teach and coach the same behavior that led her from being a timid girl to a woman whose feet hit the floor each morning in flame-throwing communication mode. When she awakens, her husband says, “SHOW TIME!” every morning.

“Bossy” as she is affectionately called, is an energy force, who showers her clients with love and humor while strongly suggesting they take a look at their most horrifying communication and presentation weaknesses. Once they have come to terms with their condition (none so terrifying as hers were) she devotes herself to teaching them the concrete skills to be as powerful, impressive and, indeed, as happy with themselves as they can become.

During these “Murphy Minutes” Susan insists upon a few things:

You must remain true to yourself and your personality.

You needn’t worry about finding content. It is embedded in your experience.

Everybody is terrified. Winners
do it anyway.

The way you live is the way
you communicate.

You don’t start practicing the skills right before you “need” them. You always need them. So keep practicing.

Enormous change is simple,
but not easy.

Everything is based on having good manners, using common sense, and applying discipline.


There is nothing new under the sun.

Murphy Motivation and Training takes a rigorous approach to help clients learn proven successful ways to take their communication, relationship building, sales and presentation skills to a higher level. So, how is this unique in a business brimming with eager consultants?

Four ways:
1 A laser-like focus on each participant’s individuality
and personality.
2 Motivation to learn, apply and grow
the skills.
3 A rollicking good time. “Bossy”
is hilarious.
4 Guaranteed Results. Period.

Susan Murphy’s method aims directly for the individual talents, skills and preferences of her clients, not one of whom is like any other. She uses her astute knowledge of human nature, her personal familiarity with being awkward and self-conscious under the spotlight, and her instinct to use exactly the right coaching at exactly the right time to hone in on what works for each person. No session is the same as another, the client dictates the direction, and Susan changes direction on a dime to accommodate the needs of a participant.

The word “motivation” is not mere alliteration in the name of the firm. Any time you are imparting information or working toward agreement with another, motivation is vital. “Yeah, whatever” doesn’t lead to growth. Susan’s clients are motivated to apply the concrete skills she teaches, and further motivated to share their increased ability to communicate with others, which, in turn, creates even more motivation.

Zesty, interactive, and hilarious describe the atmosphere of a Murphy Motivation and Training session.

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  • "We just saw the gold standard."
    David Tubridy, AIA,
    Boston, Mass.
  • "I have been to many, many of these presentation training courses in my twenty years of practice, and Susan Murphy is the best I’ve ever seen."
    Ted Hammer, AIA
    Senior Managing Partner
    HLW International
    New York
  • "The faculty were totally blown away by the professional, succinct way that you taught presentation skills and how quickly you got into the students’ heads. Our engineering grads are known for their technical competence, but not for their communication savvy. In one evening, you made them whole!! Engineering students TEND not to enjoy time spent on the softer skills such as written and oral communication. You sold them what they ordinarily don't buy - hook, line, and sinker!!!!"
    Annemarie Flynn
    Professor of Engineering
    Manhattan College, Engineering Dept.
  • "Susan really understands people and connects with them, especially engineers. She has an incredible gift to draw them out so they give their best while focusing on the client. She’s funny and entertaining while teaching important skills around the serious business of delivering presentations. A real Pro!"
    Gabriele Mack
    Vice President
    Strategic Marketing and Supplier Diversity
    Sverdrup Civil, Inc.
    St. Louis, Mo.

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