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Our Mission
Win Clients · Keep Clients · Save Time · Realize Profits · Have More Fun
We teach and coach communication skills that allow our clients and their support staff to become more productive sales people, speakers, negotiators, and colleagues.

Our Approach
No Cookie Cutters Here
Murphy Motivation clients receive a finely targeted motivation and training experience – one that can only come from a company known for its imaginative, personal approach. Murphy Motivation and Training bases each consult on a client’s individual strengths, style, personality, and position in their respective discipline.

Our Talent
A Tough Coach With High Energy and Humor
Murphy Motivation springs from the first-hand experience of Susan Murphy – a Marketing Professional whose success is based on the effectiveness of her unique communication style, and her ability to pass her knowledge on to others.

What We Provide
Consulting · Training · Lectures · Seminars · Workshops
Murphy Motivation and Training provides consulting, training, workshops, seminars, and lectures on subjects that include : Presentation Skills, Relationship Building and Maintenance, Selling Skills, Personal Counseling and Achievement, and more!

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